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This report discusses the various considerations that have shaped the thinking when designing the new 2019 Masterplan V1 Concept. You can download the full document, that includes links to key presentations & videos (Registration Required).

Although a great deal of effort has been made to come up with the best possible concept nothing is set in stone and a primary intention is that our work to date is the basis for further discussion, ideas and refinement.

This report is also a way to inform our professional advisors of the general direction we intend to go. As this project has been around for many years the original development masterplan needed revisiting from scratch, therefore this proposal has been build starting from a blank white page.

We have also spent quite some time studying the local area to find ways the proposed resort development can support and work with local businesses, become a real asset to the area and to provide new facilities to local residents as well as visiting guests.

Our next step is to work with the South Lanarkshire planning department to create the final concept and obtain detailed planning permission for the development phases.

We also will be working on the necessary phased funding package required to deliver the entire resort, if you have any proposals, suggestions or questions please contact; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Thank you!

The quickest way to understand the general masterplan is to watch our new video (7m 35s) that covers the main eliments of the proposal; https://youtu.be/plmiLpL0SlQ  


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