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Skill shortage

For years the number of people entering the building industry has reduced, especially apprentices, so the necessary skills are not available locally.


Building materials shortage

The humble ‘brick’ is in short supply, the house builders material of choice, and it is hardly the best thermal material!


Land-Banking by larger house builders

It is widely denied and studies by the Housebuilding Federation try to prove this is not a factor, but it remains a fact that the biggest home builders own a great deal of undeveloped land. The management have a duty to earn the biggest possible profit from their land stock which limits their options.


Slow planning permission process

The large house builders say that this is the reason they cannot develop much of the land they hold, but the problem stems from the fact that the developments are so vast and complex they literally change the entire landscape and local property economy.

It has become more and more difficult to become a home-owner or acquire investment property, we have developed numerous ways to aid people to begin this journey to property ownership.


Rent to buy

This is a very useful technique where people do not have a deposit required by the mortgage companies, they can pay a rent to occupy the property and an extra monthly payment that builds up a pre-paid deposit. The term of the Rent to Buy is determined by the amount they pay towards the deposit and the amount of deposit required. Various agreements can be reached as to the equity increase during the Rent to Buy period but the one of the key benefits of this arrangement is the tenant treats the property as their own from the start of the agreement, it is also possible to charge “Key Money” at the start of the term.


Student equity plan

The biggest issue for UK students today is the big debt they build up for their education, we have created a scheme where during their stay in our properties they build up a share of the equity in the property they occupy. They can offset their student loan against the equity at the end of the term, or, acquire the property at a discount.


Fractional Ownership

When funds are tight and you cannot afford to buy a whole property we have created an option where you can own a part of a property and receive a pro-rata profit share or revenue income. This ownership percentage gets you into the property industry and gives you assets you can trade and pass on to your relatives just like wholly owned properties.


Shared Ownership

There are also agreements we can reach where you buy part of a property and we own the rest, we would jointly manage and profit from the asset.

Britain has a housing crisis – we aim with your help to be part of the solution, the old outdated methods have now failed and are contributing to the problem – we have the solution by building homes in factories, standardisation and mass-production of components and Steel Modular Building Units.


Types of Buildings We Develop, Refurbish, Convert & Manage;

Houses & Flats

We specialise in building housing using offsite steel modular construction, this means we can deliver higher quality dwellings faster and cheaper than using traditional brick and block methods.


Our steel frame construction is stronger and safer than all timber frame homes, they are also 100% recyclable.


Student accommodation

We have available a wide range of student accommodations that can be assembled into various combinations, from single self-contained studios, One & Two Bed flats to halls of residence with shared common areas.


Our student accommodation can be established as permanent or temporary structures that can be refurbished and assembled elsewhere.


Hotels & Hostels

Our hotel room modules can be fitted out to any specification or quality, we can quickly build hotels of virtually any size around common areas with multiple features and facilities. Everything is built under controlled factory conditions ensuring a consistent quality and accuracy.


Temporary buildings

All of our buildings can be constructed & assembled on sites that are only available for a limited time, our modular design allows complete flexibility in the amount of time the building is in place and means that construction and removal can be completed in a very short time.

Who we are and what we do

Carl Henry Property is a modern, creative and pioneering UK company providing an innovative method of house construction, which saves time on-site and allows you to have “more house for your money”.

We design, manufacture and erect modular housing solutions in-house on commission, in a matter of weeks your house will be delivered to your site, which we can prepare if desired, using the ‘just in time’ methodology, it will then be made wind and watertight in a matter of days and completed to a very high standard of finish in a matter of a few weeks allowing you to go from design to ‘turnkey’ in less than half the time and more cost effectively than traditional methods of construction. 



Once you have settled on your design, either from the comprehensive choice in our brochure or with one of our highly experienced designers who will be happy to bring your own ideas alive, and all of the required planning permissions are granted and timescales are agreed, the design is transferred to our production facility. Once your chosen site is prepared with foundations, services etc. we transport each module to site in a carefully worked out sequence and construction begins.

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