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Rent to Buy eBook

Rent to Buy: How to get on the Housing Ladder (With Little or No Money) or How to sell any house (Whatever the condition or situation)
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Why is Rent to Buy in the UK Housing Market a “win-win” situation? In an ideal world a vendor would like to sell their property immediately and the purchaser would like to buy the property from day one. But in the real world, and particularly recently, many properties do not sell, or even rent, quickly.

Also purchasers can find it hard to raise the necessary mortgage finance and particularly hard to find a deposit of up to 30% of the overall purchase price. You can see that in either of these scenarios the Rent to Buy scheme can remove the blocks on both sides of the equation.

Essentially we’re not dealing with an ideal situation for either side but by working together both parties can achieve exactly what they want eventually while improving the current situation. Further to the above simple scenario we will also look at a wide range of additional motivations on both sides of the deal showing why Rent to Buy is the only choice that makes sense from a time scale perspective and also assists both parties financially.

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